Project Management Services 

APB provides expert, commercial & contractual, planning, programming, project control and management services, locally and worldwide to the building, civil engineering, building services, petrochemical, oil, gas, power and other process engineering industries.

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Dispute Avoidance & Contract Management 

​APB can provide efficient contract management that aims to ensure projects are administered correctly and in accordance with the contract terms.

"Prevention is better than cure" .... Desiderius Erasmus.

The potential disaster of falling foul of 'condition precedent time-bars' found in typical construction contracts such as NEC3 and FIDIC  can be avoided by applying correct contract administration.   APB Consult can provide the knowledge and experience to mitigate, negotiate and agree the effects of changes before they become critical disputes.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

APB works with leading contractors & developers to efficiently deliver large scale, multidiscilinary projects.

While APB are specialists in the production and defence of construction contract claims. APB's services does not stop at the claim document but can proceed to represent the client at commercial settlement negotiations, mediation, adjudication and arbitration.

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Since 1993

what we do & who we are

APB clients enjoy the full benefits of a strong and well-balanced management team selected from different sectors of the construction industry.  All our managers have many years of experience in the construction process and specialist skills in particular disciplines. This wide ranging skill and knowledge base is available to ensure full and complete coverage of any situation encountered in an assignment.

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