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Contract & Commercial Management 

APB Consult can provide experienced commercial  and contract management to a broad range on construction projects.  While APB are experts in claims production and highly experienced negotiators, by far the best way to manage project finances is to tackle risks head on and eradicate or minimize any exposure to financial losses.  APB's experience contracts management staff can advise of best practice and spot potential change events in a timely manner.


Contract Claims

APB Consult are proven leaders in the production and  defence of construction contract claims.

Whether the project is being administered using  NEC, FIDIC or the  IChemE, suites of contract documents, APB will have the knowledge and  experience to administer the claims process correctly and completed within any contractual time restrictions.


Alternative Dispute Resolution - ADR

APB are specialists in getting results.  The production or analysis of construction claims is merely the first step to a fair settlement.

Should a dispute arise by far the best way to resolve it will be by a negotiated commercial settlement.  When parties cannot agree then a mediation could resolve the issues.   Alternatively the contract may require an Adjudication and/or arbitration.  Whatever the method APB Consult will help you resolve the issues fairly.